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I am a Postdoc researcher in the Time in Translation project at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The project uses among others things translation mining, making use of large corpora to find translation equivalents, to map out the semantics of the PERFECT in five european languages: English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.

My PhD project was on the lexical semantics of verbs and adverbs, and their compositional behaviour in verb-adverb modification. Based on data from corpus studies and experiments, I pinned down the contribution of the lexicon to the modification of force verbs through manner adverbs and agent-oriented adverbs (supervised by Joost Zwarts and Henriëtte de Swart).
In my Master thesis project, I looked at the lexical semantics of spatial prepositions and modelled their meaning in an Optimality Theoretical framework.
My very first steps in the world of linguistics involved an experimental comparison of possible world semantics and lexical semantics as in Prototype Theory.
If you want to take a closer look at my work, please go to the publications tab: https://anjagoldschmidt.wordpress.com/publications/
For an overview of the courses that I teach, please go to the teaching tab: https://anjagoldschmidt.wordpress.com/teaching/

Among my other interests is Open Access (and Open Source in general). In a knowledge-based society, research has to be accessible, not only within scientific communities but also to the general public (who is, after all, more often than not the financer of university-based research). Please go here for more information.
I’m also increasingly interested in questions surrounding ICT in general: privacy, security and openness. These questions become more and more important in the digital age (I plan on posting information relating to the activities of Mozilla in this domain).

If you’re interested in fair language use and strategies against discriminatory language, please check out my Joan and Mary site.


Leiden Utrecht Semantics Happenings

I am also a co-organiser of the Leiden Utrecht Semantics Happenings (LUSH), a monthly talk series alternating between Utrecht and Leiden. Topics are on semantics and pragmatics, ranging from theoretical work to psycholinguistics and experimental approaches.
We are constantly looking for presenters: PhD students, PostDocs, other senior researchers or Professors. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact me or one of the other organisers.